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dimarts, 20 d’octubre de 2009

Dead City Klowns Like Father, Son and Holy Spirit

01. Toxic World
02. Something Will Happen
03. New Kind of Universe
04. Crack Call
05. Jesus Failure
06. Breakin' Up the Time
07. Freak Accident
08. Empty Shells
09. Snake Eye Fake
10. All Saints Day
11. Low Life Animal
12. Sweet Insanity
13. Days in the Hole


Dead City Klowns At the Suicide Circus

1. At the Suicide Circus
2. Pins and Needles
3. World Gone Mad
4. Dead Cars in Detroit
5. Pain
6. Shadows of My Past
7. Holidays in the Sun
8. Pretty Wild One
9. Ghosttown
10. King of Rats
11. Downtown Kid
12. Face of an Angel


Wild Boyz Unleashed!

1. Pleazure 'N' Pain
2. I Don't Wanna Cry No More
3. I'm On My Way
4. Forever
5. Take Me
6. Roll The Dice
7. She Don't Care
8. High Tonite
9. In Your Face
10. Cowboy Ride


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Swedish Erotica Swedish Erotica

1. Rock N' Roll City
2. Love on the Line
3. We're Wild, Young and Free
4. Hollywood Dreams
5. Love Hunger
6. Love Me or Leave Me
7. Downtown
8. She Drives Me Crazy
9. Loaded Gun
10. Rip It Off

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dimecres, 14 d’octubre de 2009

Towers Of London Blood, sweet & towers

1.I'm a rat
2.Air guitar
3.Kill the pop scene
5.Fuck it up (acoustic)
7.Good time
8.On a noose
9.Start believing
10.Northern lights
11.I lose it
12.fuck it up
13.How rude she was
14.Son of a preacher (bonus)
15.Seen it all


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The Dogs D'Amour Errol Flynn

1. Drunk like me
2. Goddes from the gutter
3. Hurricane
4. Satelitte Kid
5. Errol Flynn
6. Princess Valium
7. Dogs Hair
8. Trail of Tears
9. Balad of Jack
10. Pretties girl in the world
11. Baby Glass.

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