diumenge, 28 de setembre de 2008

Wikked Gypsy Demos

1.Bed Of Flesh
2.City Groans
3.Sad Songs
4.The Other Side
5.Shoot Me Down Again2.


dilluns, 15 de setembre de 2008

Babydolls Demos

1.Zombie Dance
2.Mystery Girl
3.Glam Slam
5.Stupid, Sleazy, 16


Candy Cane Lane Demos

1.Look Down At Me
2.Look Like You
3.Valley Mall Nightmare
4.All I Care About
6.Lunch Box Girls
7.Make Your Way
8.Give It Up
9.Another Bad Day
10.Angel Be Mine
11.My Pet Hollywood
12.I'm Not Insane
13.All I Really Want


diumenge, 14 de setembre de 2008

Angora Demos

1.Hey Operator
2.Shake Shake
3.Are You Waiting
4.Making Love
6.Weekend Love Affair


Ultra Pop Ultra Pop


1.Rollercoaster Ride
2.Wild Babes In Toyland
3.Oh No Girl
5.Taerdrops Falling
6.War Zone
7.Dream Girl
8.Chasing A Rainbow
9.The Ballad Of Sexy Sally
10.Hard Times


dissabte, 13 de setembre de 2008

Miami Riot Dirty Livin In The City

1.Rock And Roll Suicide
2.Dirty Livin In The City
3.Crash And Burn
4.Boys Are Gonna Rock
5.Push Comes To Shove
6.Shake It Up


Alleycat Scratch Live At The Trobadour

[Track List]
All Songs Are Of Dead Boys In Trash City
And 2 songs Of Demos


Press Darlings Demos

1.We're So Darling
2.Emotional Casualty


divendres, 12 de setembre de 2008

Radio Active Cats Radio Active Cats

1. Shotgun Shack
2. Hold On Tight
3. Bed of Roses
4. Finger in the Pie
5. Standin' in the Rain
6. Love Razor
7. Cry on My Shoulder
8. Think About Love
9. Cheap Mascara
10. Knock Knock
11. Wet, Hot Sweat


Sugar Shock Demos

1.Runaway Teens
2.Highschool sweethearts
4.promqueen daydream


Ruby Slippers Demos

1.Over And Over
2.Lost Stars
3.Don't Tell Me
4.Hollywood Suicide
5.Miss You Lady
6.Fast Girls
7.Sweet Irene
8.These Boots
9.Over And Over (II)
10.Lost Stars (II)
11.Don't Tell Me (II)
12.Mon Cheri
13.Sugar Sugar
14.Sweet Irene (II)
15.Coast To Coast


Sick Six Crush Sick Six Crush

1. California
2. 15 Minutes of Fame
3. On My Own
4. Problem?
5. Addicted
6. Perfect Day
7. Good 'N' Bad
8. Revolution 2000
9. White Trash Punk
10. Do You Luv Me
11. On My Own Pt.2


Billy And The Sluts Bats From Jack In The Box

1. Long Jennie Silver
2. Skin Head Groupie
3. Need At Once
4. Rock'N' Roller Gosip
5. Love Affair
6. Honey
7. Too Nights
8. From Jack In The Box
9. Easy Trips
10. Feel So Good Luck


dilluns, 8 de setembre de 2008

Rockstar Kill Demos

1.Millionaire Burn
2.Look Down At Me
3.Look Like You
4.Can You Help Me
5.All I Care Is About Me
7.Lunch Box Girls
8.Make Your Way
9.Give It Up
10.Another Bad Day
11.Angel Be Mine
12.My Pet Hollywood
13.I'm Not Insane
14.All I Really Want


Baby Valentine Demos


1.And Lipstick For All
2.Waiting Game
3.Love Is In The Air
4.So Damn Hot


diumenge, 7 de setembre de 2008


El dia 8 d'agost en el show en record de traci michaelz HEART THROB MOB es va reunir per a la ocasió, reunió molt esperada pels glams del món